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Abano Healthcare

Abano HealthcareWhen Abano Healthcare needed a solution to provide a single location where staff and tutors could contribute, consolidate and collaborate Moodle was the answer.

Moodle allowed us to provide a safe, secure and resilient central location for staff from many different locations to interact - reducing traveling time (and expense) for specialist tutors, and encouraging the use of Moodle tools to aid inter-departmental communication.

HRDNZ helped make the technology transparent - leaving staff to concentrate on what was important to them. Helpdesk support was available throughout the project to support facilitators and learners, and ensure the learning was central.

All Hallows' School

All Hallows' SchoolAll Hallows' School in Brisbane Australia caters for students from a wide variety of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. It offers an extensive range of excellent academic, cultural and sporting opportunities. In its spiritual, pastoral and academic life, the school seeks to promote personal growth, the development of an informed conscience and commitment to work for social justice in the wider community.

When looking for a structure staff development programme All Hallows' chose to work with HRDNZ implementing a Moodle Teacher Certificate (MTC) programme for staff using Moodle to support school activities. MTC has made a very real contribution to the way staff can now use Moodle in enhancing the traditional class based activities and expanding learning in a flexible and innovate way.

Anna Krassa

AnnaMy name is Anna, and I live in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. I have a Bachelors in Librarianship and Information Science.

Three years ago I started learning about and working on Moodle, developing the E-learning Service of the Greek School Network. The University of Macedonia was responsible for this project, and I was a member of its inquiring team. A little later, with the same team we made a database with Educational Open Source Software also for the Greek School Network.

Since October 2006 I have worked for the E-learning Service of the Library & Information Center of the University of Macedonia. In this project we design and deliver e-courses through our Moodle environment, called “Telemathea”. At the moment we are designing courses for computer basic skills using open source software, translating and updating the Open ICDL content in collaboration with university professors.

In December 2006, I became the first Moodle Certified Teacher in Greece and I have been an MTC mentor-assessor for the Greek language since May of 2007.

During the summer of 2007 I worked as volunteer for the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) Initiative in Greece and Cyprus, designing learning objects and combining Moodle platform and OLPC.

I have been working with HRDNZ for over a year on a number of specific projects such the transglobal GAC Corporate Academy, and ICDL/ECDL.


Cisco Systems Inc

Abano HealthcareWhen an organisation as large and as established as Cisco System Inc choose Moodle - you know it's a serious product. After all, with the IT experience and capability of Cisco they could have built their own LMS! But why bother, when Moodle already exists? And because of its open source nature Cisco are free to adapt Moodle to work exactly the way they want it to.

The Cisco Entrepreneur Institute is a an example of Cisco partnering with organisations and using Moodle and Web 2.0 tools to deliver entrepreneur education, including business planning skills and Cisco’s Internet business solutions to better enable business success through the effective use of information and network technology.

And when Cisco needed a world-class training solution to support their CEI facilitators they could do no better than choose the HRDNZ MoodleBites online Moodle training course. Easily adapted to a global audience, with different cultures and learning styles, MoodleBites provides exactly the flexible and professional approach required, and supports key staff in making a vital contribution to the Moodle-based online institute.

Complete Tourism Solutions

Abano HealthcareComplete Tourism Solutions (CTS) provides selling skills, customer service and team leadership courses for the inbound and backpacker tourism sectors in New Zealand, Fiji and Australia.

Tourism businesses that invest in their staff enjoy an energised, high performance, efficient team focused on increasing sales and yield. For most tourism businesses staff are the most important asset; yet they often receive little if any investment in ongoing training. CTS now use Moodle to help develop a high performance, energized, efficient team that does not require large financial investment...

The CTS Moodle courses cover selling skills, customer service and team management courses building on 17 years selling experience in inbound tourism markets. Using Moodle to support online learners throughout diverse geographic regions requires a high-level professional Moodle hosting and support contract - something that HRDNZ provide - allowing CTS to maintain focus on their core business, and free to develop their markets confident that their technology support can grow with them

Course design and development

If you have a project that requires course content developing, we may be able to assist and accelerate the process.

Our staff:
  • Are experts in Moodle
  • Hold the Moodle Teacher Certificate (MTC)
  • Have at least one further education teaching qualification
  • Bring many years of real world experience
  • Are at least Degree qualified, predominantly Masters
We can complete course development online, sometimes even onsite.

Our designers and developers have created content for courses as diverse as highly complex IT and engineering systems to entry level tourism courses, and everything in-between.


Gulf Agency Company

GACSince it started operations in the mid-1950s in Kuwait, Gulf Agency Company (GAC) has steadily expanded its geographical coverage and range of operations to serve customers around the world. Today, it is a truly global operator serving the shipping, logistics and marine industries on all continents.

With more than 8,000 employees around the world, in over 1,000 locations with over 250 offices speaking most of the world’s major languages and representing most of the world’s cultures, GAC is a true global community.

HRD have been working with GAC since 2006 helping create, develop, manage and support the GAC Corporate Academy. GAC uses Moodle to deliver e-learning 24/7 around the world, and HRD write and facilitate most of the courses with an international team of Moodle certified facilitators. This includes GAC specific courses in Personal and Professional Development and Business Communication, as well as internationally recognised commercial qualifications such as ICDL and IATA.


Haidee Foxwell

Haidee FoxwellI'm originally from the UK but have lived in New Zealand for 6 years, and I tutor students online in various courses including Microsoft Office, and ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence). I have also co-developed courses such as the HRDNZ ICDL course, which is the only ICDL authorised online course using Moodle in Asia-Pacific.

I am also a central mentor-assessor for the MTC (Moodle Teachers Certificate) working with candidates from all over the world, so I am used to working with people in different time zones wink I also provide direct support to other Moodle Partners and their MTC mentor-assessors.

Other projects I am working on include the Certificate in e-Learning Development and Design and a Reading Recovery course for Primary School Children.

Previous to working in e-learning, I served in the Royal Navy in the Logistics Department for 14 years, working with Ships, Submarines and Aircraft. During this time I completed my Technology Degree with the Open University (UK) by distance learning. I completed several of these courses online, so I know what it is like to be a student when working full time and trying to lead a balanced life!

In my spare time I enjoy reading about the history of New Zealand, gardening, DIY, and I have just taken up watercolour painting.


Often, organisations are not entirely sure about the direction they should pursue with e-learning. Sometimes you want to 'start small' with minimal costs, but would still like access to the latest technology.

For start-up and small projects, you can utilise our own high-profile environment. For the technically minded, the service details are:
  • Latest stable version of the Moodle environment.
  • Hosted on industry standard Dell dual processor Xeon servers – RAID, SCSI, UPS etc.
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment
  • High availability with automated daily off-site backups.
  • Hardware and software maintenance, upgrades and support – forget about technology, and concentrate on education
  • Free online orientation courses for Teachers.
  • Free online orientation courses for Students.
  • Free Study Club – developing and supporting learners online study skills and time management.
  • Forum, Email, IM, SkypeIn and 0800 Helpdesk.
  • Clients also have access to the very latest Moodle environment for testing and trialling the latest functions and optional blocks and modules.
  • You can hide courses if you don't want them to be publicly listed, and then simply link to them from your own website.
  • Customised Themes available so you have a seamless integration of e-learning into your online presence.
If you require your own dedicated onsite server we can:
  • Specify, source and build dedicated sever hardware
  • Install and setup servers
  • Configure and optimise Moodle
  • Train an onsite administrator

We try to support individuals and organisations entering or developing their e-learning capabilities, so please discuss your requirements directly with us for a cost-effective solution. Our smallest hosting packages start from just $100 a month. We focus on making the technology easy and accessible – so clients can concentrate on their core business – education, training, and learning.


Impact Learning Services

ILSNZ Online
Impact Learning Services New Zealand (ILSNZ) is dedicated to IELTS preparation and training. The directors of the company are both from the UK but have traveled extensively, teaching all over Europe and in Asia. With the publication of High Impact IELTS® in 2004, the company has built a reputation on successfully helping students to achieve their goals in IELTS.

Since 2006 HRDNZ have been working with ILSNZ to support the development of the online IELTS courses. The challenge of developing Moodle-based e-learning courses in writing, reading, and listening has been a fascinating learning-curve for everyone involved.

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