HRDNZ (Moodle Partner)

HRD was formed in the late 1990s with the aim of creating an organisation that is ethical, exciting, challenging, fun, and world-class. Unlike companies that say people are their greatest asset, we actually believe and act upon it, and we carry this belief with us through every aspect of our work.

Our staff work full time, part-time, consultancy - whatever works best for them, and us. A true online organisation, we have staff from locations such as the UK, South Africa, Germany, Greece, Mexico. Based in New Zealand, but with global understanding.

In 2006 we became a Moodle Partner, and are fully committed to the ongoing development and success of the Moodle LMS, and progress of free and open source software in general - most of our staff have linux laptops.

We run the Moodle Certification scheme for Moodle, and a number of our staff are recognised as Particularly Helpful Moodlers (giving their time freely to help others) on the community driven website.

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