Within New Zealand we offer an onsite support programme for schools and organisations

We have worked with NVQA, Rosmini College, Westmount School, Northcote College, Massey University, e-asTTle project, and many others.

An onsite support programme is a highly productive and cost-effective professional development strategy. Support can be six months or twelve months duration, and consist of one day per month to one day per week.

Flexibility is key to this service, and days can be used in an ad-hoc fashion, as a planned schedule, or as blocks. Even the time is flexible and not limited to 9.00-5.00.

And Moodle is not the only training available... anything that 'fits' with Moodle can be covered including office applications, Photoshop, multimedia creation, Storyline, SCORM, podcasting, Second Life, etc.
Last modified: Saturday, 18 April 2015, 8:16 PM