Australia / New Zealand (HQ)

StuartStuart (HRDNZ Managing Director) is well known in the Moodle Community for many years, and is too modest to say much about himself here wink

Originally a graphic designer, an experienced teacher, with an MBA in International Business and originally from England, Stuart moved to New Zealand with his wife Haidee in 2001, and is very proud to be an adopted Kiwi.

He is the main facilitator for courses on

Email: stuart[AT]


Teresa is one of our key consultants in the Higher Education and learning design field (building on her graduate studies in IT and Education).

With high-level Moodle experience with The University of Waikato and The Waikato Institute of Technology Teresa has extensive Moodle Administration skills (and is a Particularly Helpful Moodler on the community site) and gained her MCCC in 2012.

Email: teresa[AT]

Latin-America: Maryel Mendiola

Maryel MendiolaBased in Mexico, Maryel has been working with HRD since 2009 and is lead-facilitator for all courses in Spanish.

Maryel gained her MCCC in 2008, and now acts as mentor-assessor for Spanish speaking candidates world-wide.

Maryel brings her passionate Latin-American spirit to the team, and was recognised as a PHM in the Spanish community in 2012.

Email: maryel[AT]
Skype: maryel.mendiola

Europe: Anna Krassa

Anna KrassaAnna has worked with HRDNZ since 2007 coordinating our projects in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Anna gained her MCCC in 2006 and became a MCCC Mentor-Assessor in 2007. She works closely with Stuart Mealor (Moodle Certification Manager) managing the MCCC scheme.

Anna is well known for her philosophy of using Free and Open Source Software and her work on OpenICDL, Greek Universities, and consultancy with commercial Moodle users in the region. In 2012 Anna and her colleagues Vasilis Palilis and George Chalatzoglidis gained the "Stamp of Good Practice" for their e-courses created in FreeMoodle.

Η Άννα έχει συνεργαστεί με HRDNZ από το 2007 συντονίζοντας τα έργα μας στην Ευρώπη, τη Μέση Ανατολή και την Αφρική. Η Άννα κατέχει την πιστοποίηση Moodle (MCCC) από το 2006 και έγινε Μέντορας-Αξιολογητής γι' αυτήν 2007. Εργάζεται στενά με Stuart Mealor (Διευθυντής Πιστοποίησης του Moodle) διαχειρίζοντας το όλο σύστημα της Πιστοποίησης. Η Άννα είναι γνωστή για την φιλοσοφία της σχετικά με τη χρήση του Ελεύθερου και Ανοικτού Κώδικα λογισμικού και το έργο της με αντικείμενο το openICDL, τη συνεργασία της με Ελληνικά Πανεπιστήμια και την παροχή συμβουλευτικών υπηρεσιών με εταιρικούς χρήστες Moodle στην περιοχή. Στις 2012 η Άννα και οι συνεργάτες της Βασίλης Παλίλης και Γιώργος Χαλατζογλίδης κέρδισαν τη «Σφραγίδα Καλής Πρακτικής" για τα ηλεκτρονικά μαθήματα που δημιούργησαν στο FreeMoodle.

Email: anna[AT]

Europe: Jean-Marc Doucet

Jean-MarcJean-Marc is an enthusiastic contributor on and is a well-known figures in the French speaking Moodle community.

From 2014 Jean-Marc is working with HRDNZ to develop the Moodle Course Creator Certificate (MCCC) for French speaking candidates.

Email: jean-marc[AT]

Skype: jean.marc.doucet

Japan: Justin Hunt

JustinJustin is one of the most talented Moodle developers in the world - and known for his Poodll and Generico plugins among others.  As well as providing development skills for HRDNZ, Justin also facilitates the Moodle Developers courses on our training site.



Haidee started HRD with Stuart in 2001, and without her influence and love of Moodle we would not be here. Haidee was the first MCCC in the world, and the first person in HRD to be rated as a PHM on Haidee is a constant inspiration to our organisation, and her influence and love is with us every day in the way we work and what we try to achieve.  The site is one of the ways we ensure Haidee's influence continues in this world, and makes it a better place.

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