Big Blue ButtonBig Blue Button is a web-conferencing environment with features that teachers, trainers, and learners all find easy to use.

Big Blue Button features are comparable with the high-end expensive commercial products such as Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx, and Blackboard Collaborate, but at a fraction of the cost, and without the proprietary licensing and lock-in.

And unlike these systems with often require users to download Java, Big Blue Button "just works" with any modern browser.

  • Present, Draw, Record and much more !
  • As moderator, you control the audio of all users and you can make anyone presenter.
  • The built-in whiteboard tools allow you to zoom, highlight, and annotate (draw and write) on your presentation to make your points clear to remote students.
  • Multiple users can share their webcams, thereby giving on-line tutoring, small group collaboration, and distance education a personal touch.
  • Participants can change their layout to emphasize the presentation, chat or video windows - whatever makes the most sense and enhances learning.
  • You can chat with everyone in the class, or have a private one-to-one chat.
  • Big Blue Button even records the sessions for later playback - for revision - or for those who missed the live session.


Even more importantly, we can integrate Big Blue Button within your Moodle environment to:

  • Teachers can schedule BBB sessions - which show up in the Calendar within the course.
  • Adding a BBB web-conference is just like adding any other activity in Moodle such as an Assignment or Quiz.
  • Recording are automatically linked to the activity for playback later.
  • No need for Teachers or Students to use an additional login - if you are a Teacher or Student in the course the permissions for the BBB conference rooms are automatic.

Contact helpdesk[AT] for more details, or to arrange a live web-conference demonstration.

Last modified: Tuesday, 21 April 2015, 7:53 PM